Dj Crave @ 420 Heads UKnightedOver the past decade Crave (aka. David Grossman) has been a staple dj/performer, promotor and producer in greater Eastern Washington & the Inland Northwest USA. Hailing from the Inland Northwest, Crave has long been inspired by waves of sound.

Dj Crave @ 420 Heads UKnightedWith a classical upbringing, his diverse taste in music has been rocking crowds for over a decade. Evolving from hard-hitting drum & bass and ethereal ambient to his current obsession with deep purple glitch & bass. Crave’s mix of eclectic and contemporary sounds moves bodies to raise consciousness and expand people’s musical horizons

altCrave is excited to get back in the studio and tell his musical tales from the land of BASS! Crave has played alongside many great acts including The Originalz, Calyx, EOTO, Basic Ops, Evol Intent, Psi Dream, EPROM, and more. Droppin bass-bombs is his business and he be droppin’ them on a city near you. WOMP!